America's 10 Favorite Chocolate Candies

 A new study in America shows that the most popular cookie is chocolate. According to research, Americans consume an average of 6 pounds of chocolate per person per year. In European countries, consumption is almost twice that. Do not underestimate chocolate. In an exhibition held in Chicago a while ago, the history, culture, economy of chocolate, and its contributions to the cuisine of various communities are explained.  Chocolate candy, like chocolate, is a very important product for America. 

The industry that produces chocolate candy, gum, and mint candy plays an important role in the US economy. Consumers in the United States understand the unique role confectionery can play in a happy, balanced lifestyle and prefer to enjoy it in moderation. Many people in the USA consume chocolate candy, sugar, gum, and mint candy quite often. Americans' favorite chocolate candy preferences are as follows.

Favourite Chocolate Candy

10 Favourite Chocolate Candy

1- M&M’s

M & M’s branded chocolate, chewing gum, and chocolate candy products were produced for the first time in 1941.  It has been sold in 100 countries since 2003. More than 400 million M & M's are consumed individually daily in America.

2- Hershey's

 It is the company that produces chocolate candy, which is frequently consumed in America. It exports to many countries. This favorite and consumed chocolate candy is among the indispensable tastes of not only children but also adults.

3- Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

This brand, which is known to people from many different regions of the world, is one of the favorite chocolate candy products of Americans. It is a confectionery consumed fondly by consumers of all ages. It gives energy and is consumed very often thanks to its taste.

4- Snickers

It is consumed not only in America but also in many countries around the world. It offers a unique taste thanks to the harmony of its ingredients. This delicious chocolate candy flavor, which is consumed a lot in many countries, is also quite normal in terms of calories.

5-Candy Corn

It is one of the most famous chocolate candy products with a triangular shape and an intense honey flavor. It is consumed by adults and children. Since it does not contain harmful substances, it can be consumed with peace of mind.

6- Skittles

It is a soft sugar-coated fruit-flavored dragee. It is consumed fondly by many consumers. It is a chocolate candy product that is frequently preferred both as candy and chocolate.

7- Starburst

Their chocolate candy is favorite of America's. It is very popular as it can be consumed as both chocolate and candy. Not only children but also adults love and consume this product a lot.

8- Tootsie Pops

It is the brand with the most famous and rich variety of confectionery. It is among the favorite chocolate candy products of American consumers. This product, which has lovers of all ages, makes all its consumers happy.

9- Almond Joy

In addition to peanut butter chocolate and peanut butter chocolate, there is also a peanut butter chocolate variant. It is the most popular chocolate confectionery product in America. It is fondly consumed not only in America but also in many other countries.

10- Milky Way

It is often preferred for its content and intense aroma. It is a chocolate candy flavor consumed fondly by children. It is a healthy flavor that adults can buy for their children with peace of mind.

Chocolate candy is frequently consumed in many countries, as well as in America, for both children and adults. When the demand for this delicious product is high, the buyers are very determined and consistent in finding their favorite product and choosing it constantly.


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