Chocolate Truffles Metal Gift Box

Elegant Chocolate Truffles, Metal Gift Box

Sep 26, 2020SEO TOMY

This elegant chocolate gift box is an excellent choice for expressing the admiration to all dads: the son’s first hero and the daughter’s first love.

These delicious truffles are the classiest and the tastiest way of saying Happy Father’s Day to your father, grandpa, uncle, the father to your kids, and the father to your grandkids.

These gourmet chocolates are presented in an impressive metal gift box, reflecting the elegance of the men you look up to no matter how tall you grow. The design, material, and colors chosen for the chocolate gift box reveal the strong and warm relationship between you and your dad.

Right after this shiny metal gift box, the handmade chocolate truffles welcome the No. 1 Dads in your family. This exceptional truffle assortment box includes the finest chocolates featuring cappuccino flavored milky chocolates, ganache dark & milky chocolates, hazelnut fulfilled milky chocolates, and pure dark and milky chocolates.

Carian’s Bistro Chocolatiers carefully curated this eclectic assortment of intense dark filled chocolates. A delicious combination of tastes and textures will tantalize your taste buds.

The digital world's most sought after chocolate is offered in limited edition and the best-selling chocolates in the store. Inspired by this increased demand, the chocoholics even recommended to change the name of the brand as “out of stock.”

In curating these yummy chocolate truffles, our chocolatiers attach utmost attention to the protection of your and your loved ones’ health. The ethically-sourced high-quality cocoa beans are turned into a blend of flavor by the craftsmanship of the best chocolatiers.

The second to none texture and balance are the natural results of the fresh and pure ingredients used in these masterpiece truffles.

No genetically modified ingredients, chemicals, and additives are used in these organic assorted chocolates. Offering a distinctly smooth and rich, gourmet taste; every piece in this fancy gift box will be the invitation for the next one.

Ships with cool packs to keep the content intact and prevent melting in transit, all precautions are taken; so, on hot summer days, no worries about melting!

Best fit for those looking for a chocolate gift box to remember the special moments with their dads and show their gratitude to all the inspirational dads out there.

Celebrate the Father’s Day with the digital world's most sought after chocolates…

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