What Exactly Is A Chocolate Truffle?


This delicious product, known as chocolate truffles, first met with consumers in France. Thanks to the Prestart chocolate shop opened in London in 1902 by Antoine Dufour, the popularity of the chocolate truffle increased. Currently, truffles named "Napoleon III" are produced and sold with their original recipe.

Chocolate truffles are a delightful flavor coated with intense chocolate or cocoa powder, except for soft ganache. Chocolate truffles, one of the most beautiful forms of chocolate, create unique flavor notes with different flavors that can be added to the outside.

Truffle chocolate is a soft chocolate recipe prepared with a small amount of liquor for a light aroma, covered with cocoa or powdered nuts on the outside. The beauty of chocolate truffles, which is to be prepared in a very easy and fun way, is excellent.

Must-have Features for Chocolate Truffles

Chocolate truffles, a type of chocolate candy, are based on the ganache. Nowadays, almost everything covered with chocolate is called the truffle, especially in North America. However, ganache is a must for a true chocolate truffle.

There are three known types of this delicious chocolate candy, named after truffles. These are American Truffles, Swiss Truffles, and European Truffles.

Europe uses cocoa powder, milk, syrup, oil, and butter for ganache while making this candy. Chocolate truffles of this type are hard and covered with cocoa powder on the outside.

In Switzerland, a mixture of melted chocolate with milk cream and butter is used. Chocolate truffles, which have the shortest shelf life among three types, is a Swiss chocolate truffle.

American truffles contain a more intense product content than others. While oil is often used in its coatings, this oil can be changed according to preference. American chocolate truffles can be recognized for their unique shape.

Chocolate Truffle

Mixing Ganache and Chocolate Truffle

Ganache and truffles are two flavors that are often mixed. However, the thing to know is that; The ganache is the inner filling of chocolate truffles. The product called ganache is generally used as an interior material. It is often compressed into chocolate truffles and is an indispensable material.

Chocolate truffles look like truffles in appearance. It does not have a smooth structure. It is a chocolate flavor. The inner filling of accurate and high-quality chocolate truffles consists of a chocolate ganache. It is coated with products such as cocoa powder, chocolate, hazelnut, and almond. Thus, the outer appearance of the resulting product is similar to truffle mushrooms.

Ganache is a product used as a filling material. This product, which has a creamy structure, is an indispensable product for chocolate truffles. A correct, quality, and delicious chocolate truffle should contain ganache in its content.

While the ganache is made with cream and chocolate, chocolate truffles are a combination of ganache and other products. The outer coating of truffles is covered with chocolate, cocoa powder, cream, butter, hazelnuts, etc. Many components such as. For ganache truffles, which can be made with cream and chocolate in different proportions according to the purpose of use, 1 piece of cream should be made with 2 pieces of chocolate.


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