Haribo Snack Box

  • GREAT FOR ANYONE: From mini bites to long full-size gummies, our assorted variety of individually wrapped snacks are sure to bring a smile to anyone's face. Kosher and Halal, adults and kids alike will love the sweet and colorful combos of gummy candies found in our gummy candy variety pack.
  • FOR ANY OCCASION: Whether it's Halloween, Christmas, or Valentines, our assortment package of sweet snacks make the perfect food gift for the holidays. The bulk variety of treats found in our gummy mix ensure there's always the snack that matches your fruity candy craving. Our basket conveniently contains all the gummy snacks you'd want from the grocery.
  • PACKAGING INCLUDES: Dr Milkshake Strawberry, Dr Milkshake Chocolate, Dr Milkshake Butter, Haribo Goldbears, Popios Popping Candy, Bebeto Cheese Cake Jelly Gum, Bebeto Juice Berries Jelly Gum, Haribo Starmix, Bebeto Drink Cola Jelly Gum, Harebo Chamallows Chocolate, Harebo Chamallows Rubino, Bebeto Wacky Sticks, Eksi Top Shock, Toffy Coffee Candy, Ben10 Gummy Candy
  • THE GIFT OF JOY: Grandmas and Grandpas, mothers and fathers, uncles and aunts; they all love to give the classic, timeless, and foolproof gift of candy. No other snack, from chips to crackers, can compare to the joy and delight of biting into one of the sweet treats found in our candy assortment. Give the gift of happiness to that special someone in your life today!
  • NAME BRAND: These aren't the cheap imitation snacks you'll often find in other boxes. Our bulk assortment carries the brand names you already know and love. Buy our candy pack with confidence knowing you're gifting only the best. Kosher and Halal, our snacks variety pack for adults and kids is the perfect item for everyone!

- B BERRIES Candy Jell
- PEACH RINGS Candy Jell
- Long Candy
- Sugared Gum - WATERMELON
- JELİBON- H. Mix Fiz
- H. MARSHMALLOW - Chamallows Rubino
- H. MARSHMALLOW - Chamallows Chocolate
- Cool Fresh Chewing Gum


Halal / Kosher

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