• Carian’s Bistro was founded in Chicago USA in 2019. Carian’s Bistro, presents its customers high-quality and outstanding chocolates including the Classical Specialties, Madelines, Truffles, Assorted European Chocolate Gift Boxes and more.

  • Carian’s Bistro Chocolates are the source of energy and joy, shared at the happiest moments to make it taste even better.
    Our chocolates are produced with the latest technology under international GMP regulations.

  • Our chocolates are certified with ISO9001 (Quality Management System), BRC (British Retail Consortium), Global Standard for Food Safety, and FDA approved.

  • We also have Kosher and Halal food certificates. We, as Carian’s Bistro, offer you an experience starting with an elegant presentation with decorative touch followed by healthier and tastier unique flavors and ending with a classy pleasure lasting for good in your memory.

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Indulge in Carian’s Bistro’s gourmet assorted chocolates. Every bite of Carian’s chocolate will have your tastebuds dancing in delight. Our assorted chocolate gift box is a thoughtful present for any occasion, whether it’s for Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, party favors, the holidays, or to just show your appreciation. Carian’s Bistro’s chocolate assortment gifts provide the perfect presents because they have something for everyone—each chocolate box includes different pieces of chocolate. Our classy chocolates come in a wonderful assortment of flavors including dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate, and more! Shop our website for more information about our European chocolate and delicious chocolate truffles. Treat yourself or someone you love to Carian’s Bistro’s gourmet assorted chocolates today. Enjoy!

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