Blue Snack Box

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  • GREAT FOR ANYONE: From mini bites to full-size candy, our assorted variety of individually wrapped snacks are sure to bring a smile to anyone's face. Adults and kids alike will love the sweet and colorful combos of candies and cookies found in CARIAN'S BISTRO Cookies and Candy Boxes.
  • FOR ANY OCCASION: Whether it's Halloween, Christmas, or Valentines, our assortment package of sweet snacks make the perfect food gift for the holidays. The bulk variety of treats found in CARIAN'S BISTRO Cookies and Candy Box ensure there's always the snack that matches your craving. Whether you want chocolate fudge, gummies, or a wafer, this basket conveniently contains all the treats you'd want from the grocery.
  • NAME BRAND: These aren't the cheap imitation snacks you'll often find in other boxes. Our bulk assortment carries the brand names you already know and love. Buy CARIAN'S BISTRO Cookies and Candy Box with confidence knowing you're gifting only the best.
  • CONVENIENT PACKAGING: CARIAN'S BISTRO Cookies and Candy Box is thoughtfully packaged to fit in any pantry. The conveniently wrapped individual cookies and candies are fast and easy to grab when you're in a rush. Being individually wrapped also means that they're great for sharing. Grab one for you and one for a friend and take them anywhere!
  • THE GIFT OF JOY: Grandmas and Grandpas, mothers and fathers, uncles and aunts; they all love to give the classic, timeless, and foolproof gift of candy or cookies. No other snack, from chips to crackers, can compare to the joy and delight of biting into one of the sweet treats found in CARIAN'S BISTRO Cookies and Candy Box. Give the gift of happiness to that special someone in your life today!
$22.99 $27.99you save $5.00

- 1 X Toblerone Chocolate Bar (35 gr.)

- 1 X Mars Chocolate Bar (51 gr.) 1 X Snickers Chocolate Bar (50 gr.)

- 1 X Bounty Chocolate Bar (57 gr.) 1 X Nestle Kit Kat Chunky (38 gr.)

- 1 X Nestle Chrunch (33 gr.) 1 X 2 Nutymax Chocolate Bar (44 gr.) 1 X Haribo Goldbears (80 gr.)

- 1 X Haribo Mini Fun Gums (15 gr.) 1 X Bebeto Cool Beans Gummy Candy (30 gr.)

- 3 x Watermelon Sour Chewing Gum- Top Shock 1 X Donut (Strawbery Flavoured)

- 1 X Fiorella Milky Chocolate Covered Crunch Wafer (Hazelnut Flavoured)

- 1 X Fiorella Bitter Chocolate Covered Crunch Wafer (Orange Flavoured)

- 1 X Fiorella White Chocolate Covered Crunch Wafer (Hazelnut Flavoured)

- 1 X Today Wafer

- 3 X 2 Super Roll Wafer Sticks - Filled With Hazelnut Paste


Halal / Kosher
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Customer Reviews

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Leo McLain

This is a special gift when you want to give to someone special.


I purchased this as part of a Christmas gift for my mother in-law.She said they arrived packaged well. She also stated they tasted good, but I cannot say if that’s a true statement or a fabricated one, for most movies and books about m.i.l.’s are based off of her.Since I do not know personally how they taste, I gave four stars. Four stars also because it’s chocolate, so even the worst is mostly edible.They arrived on time.


My 68yo chocolate loving mom said these were the best chocolates she's ever had!


I felt these were overpriced for what they were. I have had better.


Gifted to spouse for Christmas. Gone by New Years. Delicious and very quick delivery. Only issue we had was finding the guide. It's on the bottom of the box and set up as a grid. Had to match the numbers to the descriptions. Made for an enjoyable treasure hunt.